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Sensorian’s services are geared toward different industry types and caters for each one in a unique way.

Great care is taken to ensure that our telemetry hardware is suitable to work well within specific industry environments.

Telemetry Hardware Provider

Sensorian telemetry hardware provider

Sensorian provides unique proprietary telemetry used for the collection of data from a multitude of sensor devices.  Our telemetry hardware is made of high quality components, is easy to set up and requires the minimum of maintenance.  The creation of a mesh using our unique relay system reduces the price of larger systems.
A protocol with 868mHz 6LowPAN Telemetry is used where a mesh is desirable with a gateway which diverts the data via GSM or WiFi to the server. For small, single sensor systems, stand-alone units are preferrable, but for larger systems using our unique 6LowPan telemetry drastically reduces costs.

Data Collection and Storage

Sensorian data collection and storage

Sensorian transmits collected sensor data, using the most advanced and suitable  communication methods available to our clients industry. The Sensorian telemetry system can employ the use of either cellular GSM, ADSL or WiFi connection to transfer data to our secure cloud-based storage facility.

Online Software Dashboard

Sensorian online software dashboard

Sensorian subscribers can view and act on their data on the online dashboard in the form most suitable to the application and industry type. The dashboard is uniquely designed for different industry types, where sensing devices can be calibrated and the collected data viewed accordingly. The data can be viewed in the form of maps, charts and various downloadable formats, including excel spreadsheets and jpeg images for use in presentations and further analysis. The dashboard allows for the setup of notification thresholds for the sending of alerts to prescribed personnel. Alerts can trigger the manual or automated activation of actuators.